Our 2005 litter
Ch Storm Kloud's Rrio De Dinero WWPDX
Storm Kloud's As Good As It Gets WWPDX WTD WPD WLD ROMWD
Three weeks of age
Above left:  Yellow puppy is plotting with Blue
Above and Above Right: Teal puppy, Mr Charming
Below:  Yellow puppy seems unhappy...
4 weeks old:
Above left & center:  Red puppy.  Above right: Teal
Below left: Yellow.  Below center & right: Teal
Below:  Yellow
5 weeks old
Above & below left:  Teal.  Above right: Yellow
Below right:  Yellow and Blue
Week 6
Above left & center:  Green.  Above right:  Blue
Below Left:  Yellow.  Below Left & Center: Teal.  Below Right:  Red
Week 6
Above Left: Red.  Above: Teal eggs on Kita.  Above Right:  Yellow.

Week 7
Below Right: Bella and Teal.  Below Right:  Green, Blue (thinking about
how the water was clean when they started!), and mother Bella.
Week 7:
Above left:  Blue        Above: Green        Above right: Teal
Below far left: Blue        Below left: Red        Center: Green        
Below right: Teal        Below far right:  Green...feeling sorry for himself
Left:  Green
chews Blue
while mom

Right:  Green
Travis is currently #1 for the 2008-2009 AMCW weight pull season.  He finished the season in
2nd last year.  He is the current record holder for highest weight pulled for the Great Lakes
Alaskan Malamute Club.  He has 2 legs each toward his Jumpers and Standard Agility Titles.

Dash was returned to us and during his stay he earned his weight pull title.  He also learned to
be a sleddog and was pretty good at it.  He is now living happily in a pet home in the southern
part of the state with his co-hort, a Samoyed, and a mature lady, a Siberian.   He was the 4th
Bella child to earn a working title, making her eligible for the Register of Merit Working Dog

Vinnie stayed here and at 19 mos of age placed 4th in the Working Dog Showcase at the 2006
Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Specialty in Knoxville, TN.  He was third in his weight
class for the 2007-2008 AMCW weight pull season.  At the 2008 AMCA National Specialty, he took
Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Working Dog Showcase.  

Mack is happy and spoiled in a pet home in the northern part of the state.  He goes swimming at the
local pool in the summer.  

Ikey stayed here and has won his weight class three years running for the AMCA Regional Specialty
weight pulls, has won his weight class the last two years at the AMCA National Specialty weight pulls,
and in 2008 he won Top Percentage of Weight Pulled at the National.  He was also 4th in the 2008
Working Dog Showcase at the AMCA National Specialty in Olympia, WA.  He was second in his
weight class for the 2007-2008 AMCW weight pull season.