UKC-High In Rally Trial, UKC Rally Obedience 2, UKC Champion

Powderhound's Blaze of Glory


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May 2015 ~ Lucy took Top % pulled at the GLAMC Saturday pull and both days won her weight class.

April 2015 ~ Lucy was 3rd place for the 61-80# class for AMCW's 2014-2015 weight pull season
Also at the TSAMC Sheboygan pull, she pulled 3,808#!

January 2013--Lucy earned her Iron Dog Weight Pull 3 (IDWP3) title, pulling over 30 times her body weight

November 2012--Lucy and half-sister Layla set a new Amalapac overall record and new personal best pulling 4,000#!  Video

October 2012--Like her half-brother Ikey and half-sister Layla before her, Lucy took 1st place in both the AMCA Regional Specialty and
AMCA National Specialty weight pulls for the 61-80# class

August 2012--Lucy took her first major at the Elgin shows

June 2012 -- Lucy's daughter Kizzy did well at a UK Champ show and is qualified for Crufts 2013!

April 2012 -- Lucy is ranked in the Top 10 Rally Excellent for the first quarter of 2012

April 2012 --  HUGE news!  Lucy pulled 3,218# at the Amalapac weight pulls to set a NEW FEMALE RECORD!
This was over 40 times her body weight!  New personal best!

March 2012 -- Lucy finished her Rally Excellent title

February 2012 -- Lucy was Winners Bitch at the IKC Cluster in Chicago

February 2012 -- Lucy earned her first Working Team Dog Leg

January 2012 -- Lucy was Winners Bitch at the Grayslake show for her first AKC points

2011 -- Lucy was #7 Rally Excellent Malamute (AMCA)
Trouble squared:
Lucy and friend Spicy
BIS BISS Multi Ch Storm Kloud's Qquest For Glory WTD ROM
d.o.b. 4/29/2008

OFA Hips Good, OFA eyes Clear, OFA cardiac clear, CHD certifiable under the prior system, PN non-carrier (tested)

The runaway team.  
A quarter mile past this photo the three of them made their escape and ran 2.5 miles before they were
caught.  Thankfully some nice snowmobilers gave us rides to try and find them.  They managed to keep the
sled upright for the whole time as well as stay on the trail.  Ike is in lead, wheel dogs are Vinnie and Lucy.  
Due to attitude problems with the older boys, Lucy lead the team back the last mile in single lead. She will
eventually follow in her mother's, brothers', and grand father's footsteps and be trained to run lead.  1/17/09
Lucy and sister Avalanche reunited!  Each
sporting their new harnesses (Lucy in purple) took
turns chewing on each other between strides.  This
was Avalanche's first time in front of a sled!  See
more pics on
Avalanche's page. 1/18/09
Her first time out since January:  Figured what the
heck, we'll enter the Malamute Specialty in July.

In her Sweeps class she was 4th of 8
In her regular class, she was 2nd of 7
The next day she was 2nd again.
Not bad for being out of coat and being a little

Lucy with little brother Bumper
March 2011
Michigan Specialty
Working Bitch Class
May, 2011
Winter 2011/2012
Long Lake, WI

Above with brother Ike

Left with daughter Kizzy

Below leading with Bunper

Right leading the team
Photo by Joan Sheehan
Photo by Joan Sheehan
Lucy has had a truly amazing weight pull career despite taking time out for
litters.  She retired in March of 2018 having been a top puller throughout her
career.  Included in her accomplishments:

61-80# class winner at both the Alaskan Malamute Club of America Regional
and National weight pulls in the same week...twice (2012, 2017)

Multiple top weight pulled
Multiple top percentage pulled
AMALAPAC record holder at 4,000#
Multiple Top 4 placements for the AMCW season

We're sorry to see her retire but in her final season she went big, pulling
3,170# and consistently placing in the top 3 of her weight class.  She often
pulled more weight than the dogs in the 81-100# and 101-120# classes.  
Running with her daughter Nellie in FRIGID temps.
December 2017
2018 Alaskan Malamute Club of America Regional and National Specialty week in Orlando, FL

Lucy had a pretty great week.
AMCA Regional Weight Pull 61-80# class:  2nd Place
AMCA National Rally Trial:  1st Place in both Excellent B and Advanced B
National High Combined Score in Advanced B and Excellent B
AMCA National Weight Pull 61-80# class WINNER.

At 10.5 years of age, while she looked good, I wasn't sure how she'd do in weight pull.  She'd been off since late winter when she
officially retired and here it was October.  I'm so blessed to be able to be able to ask her "you want to go win this?" and have her do just
that.  She really gave it her all.  We cannot ask for anything more.  Bald or not, this one was a National to remember.