Harnischfeger Park Sled Demo
Mack & Blaze surging with Kim
The trail was getting too soft for sleds by mid day
Headed back:
Kita & Lucy in lead, Ikey & Bella in wheel.
Above & Below:  Grizz with Lori
Grizz & Lori
Kim's excellent idea:
We set up 16 harnesses along a gangline to show people just how long the
Iditarod teams are.  It was even eye-opening for us!

Television doesn't even begin to do it justice!
In lead:  Ikey & Bella.  In wheel:  Kita and Lucy.
Well, at least ONE of the dogs cared that I fell.
In lead: Kita & Lucy
In wheel:  the caring Bella & the oblivious Ikey
The oldest & youngest mals there:
Kita, almost 10 1/2 years
Lucy, 9 1/2 months
The first run:
Lucy & mother Bella
First run of the day:
Lucy & momma Bella
Kim with Blaze & Mack
Dangit guys, get back on the trail!
Mack & Blaze with Kim
Bella & 'puppy' Lucy
Seriously, get your furry butts back
on the trail!
No, you're not going to go play!
More screwing around.
Lucy & Bella
Lucy watching her mother do all of the work