Harnischfeger Winterfest
February 2010
Bumper has made a friend!
Kim and Blaze talking to people about the various
sleds, harnesses, and the Iditarod "Team" we have
Somewhere in here is an
Ollie and Lilly back from a run
Buster and Lucy
Ollie and Lilly
Silly Ollie
Kita was so
exhausted by
day's end.  It's
tough being loved.
"Stop yelling!!"
Rosebud, Ollie and Lilly's sister
Bumper and Lucy headed back in
Bumper and Lucy
The setup:
We were really close to the horses but none of the dogs seemed to care this year.  They,
as usual, provided us with a wood fire and the pavilion for the dogs and gear.
The participants:

Kim with Mack and Blaze (littermates 7years old)
Lori with Ollie, Lilly, and Rosebud (littermates 9mos old)
Jen with Kita (11.5yrs), Ikey (nearly 5yrs), Lucy (22mos),
Bumper (9mos)