LDC Weight Pull
Waukesha, WI
60# and under class
61-80# Class
81-100# class
101# and up class
Novice class
Diggs and Epic
Flip and Vinnie
Vinnie and Wheezy
Azja and Chewy
Hailey and Ikey
Kita and nekkid Layla
Rivan and Tank
Announcing her arrival
The Illinois crowd
Maybe he'll pull better if he's driven?  Nope, not so much.
Cheddar and Devon
Devon and Elliot
Kian and Joshua
Goofballs Earl and Stuff, sweetheart Will
Rio being driven, and niece Sierra
Stormy and Mack
Thorin and Travis, who was having a "Wind in the Hair" moment
Blaze and Jammer
JRR (aka "Puppy") and Kaino
Red Star and his unique style
Jondular and Raven
This was Raven's last weight pull
Canuck, Bandit, and Q
Junebug and Candy
Eddy and Preston
Grayle and Pfalkor
Sikko and Spike
Scandal being the princess, Shades getting the idea, and a familiar photo...
The adorable Stewie, Trax figuring it out, and Zeke "piece of cake!"
Zeke being a ham, Trilogee getting the idea