Ottawa Horse Trails
Kettle Moraine Southern Unit
March 26, 2006
Grizz, Mae,& Lori
Grizz, Mae,& Lori
Mack, Blaze, & Kim
Left to Right:  Bella, Ikey, Beamer, Kita,
& Vinnie.  At some point we switched
dogs.  Vinnie and Beamer were with
George behind me.  Then I looked back
and George was still way back there but
Vinnie & Beamer were hurtling toward
me with glee.  They managed to break
their line.
Vinnie leading Ikey & Kita.  They needed
some guidance getting back onto the trail
into the woods.  The Rig brakes are locked
and they're being asked to pull it that way so
they're more controlled.
Vinnie leading Ikey & Kita
Vinnie leading Ikey & Kita again through
the tall pines.