Section 1:  The basics:
City, State  Include country if not in USA
Email Address
Phone Number
How many people live in the house?  How many children?  What are their ages?
Section 2:  A Dog's Life
Please indicate your puppy preferences
No Preference
Long coat
Standard Coat
No Preference
Please note:  
Puppies are not chosen by color but our dogs predictably produce
only grey/white or sable/white with the occasional forehead
star/blaze, nape spot, and/or slight markings on the face.  Our dogs do not carry red, white, black, seal, agouti, or blue.   If you
really  have your heart set on any of those colors we are happy to refer you to a REPUTABLE kennel producing those colors.
Please indicate your plans for a puppy/dog (check any that apply)
Weight Pull
Other plans for puppy/dog:
When the dog is outside, how will he/she be contained?  Please indicate approximate size of the area and height
and composition of fence if you have one.
What will the dog's primary living arrangement be?  (In the house, yard, kennel, etc)
Do you have or have you had any other dogs?  If so, what type, sex, how old, how long have you had them
and where did you get them from?  Where are they now?
Please list any other animals/pets:
Please let us know what the dog's normal day would be like, including things like how long the dog will be alone.
What type of food do you feed/plan on feeding:
What will be the dog's main form of exercise?  How often and for how long?
Section 3:  Tell us more about you!
Do you live in a city, suburban or rural area:
Do you own or rent?  If rent, what is the pet policy?  If you own, are you subject to any associations or breed
specific legislation that would prevent you from having a full grown malamute?
How soon are you planning to bring home a puppy?
Why do you want a malamute?
What brings you to our kennel?  
Puppy Application Form
We ask anyone interested in a puppy to take a few minutes and fill out our questionnaire.  

Of course we will contact you more personally but this gives us a good idea whether one of our puppies would be a good fit for
you and your family.  Please note:  I try to respond as quickly as possible but given our commitment to our dogs and both of us
having full time jobs, we may not be able to respond immediately.  Thank you for your patience.

Thank you!