Beamer and Kita, he's giving her a
kiss.  Camp Nicolet, New Year's Day
End of a long run, Vinnie (2yr)  & Bella
(5yr) lead, Beamer (8yr) in wheel.  
Lapham Peak 2007
7 miles done, taking a break.  Beamer
and bald Bella lead, Ike and Kita in
wheel.  Camp Nicolet December 2006.
Da' Boys:  Ike, Vin (both 20mos),
& Beamer (age 8) after a run on
the Glacial Drumlin trail.  Fall
And they're off!!  Vinnie leads, Ike and Kita in Swing,
Beamer and Bella in wheel on the horse trails at Hwy
S, Kettle Moraine Southern Unit  12/06
Pups first run in snow:  Bella and Ike
lead, Vinnie and Beamer in wheel.  
Ike and Vin were about 10mos here,
working toward their working team
dog title.
Back in the day when there were only 3 dogs!  
Bella in lead, Kita and Beamer in Wheel.
Another blast from the past.  Bella
was about a year old here and this
was her first WLD leg!  10 miles
Mack and Blaze with
Bella's brother Devon
Ch. Storm Kloud's Uundrcovr'N Blk WWPDX on
his first WPD hike
Blaze and Mack
with Mark
Devon, Ch Storm Kloud's Uundercovr N Blk WWPDX WPD
Bella, Storm Kloud's As Good As It Gets WWPDX WTD WLD WPD ROMWD
& young
Jake, Ch. Wind's Fury Trailblazer WWPDX WPD WTD,
at Bong for their first WPD legs.
In lead, Hugs
(Ch. Storm Kloud's Vventure West WWPDX WTD WLD),
In wheel, a young
(Ch. Storm Kloud's Can Do It Alone WWPD WTD)
and Bella's mother,
(Ch. Akeela's Star Quest 'O Storm Kld WWPDX WTD) back
from a 10 miler.
Karin, attempting suicide on sticks,
otherwise known as skijoring, with
Emma and Boogie
Kita leading us back to camp
Beamer and Bella in Wheel
Camp Nicolet, Eagle River WI
Getting ready to take off!  Kita hollering in Bella's face,
Beamer in wheel being surprisingly calm.
Glacial Drumlin Trail, Sullivan WI
Behind us is Kim & Mark with Mack & Blaze
The Grand Experiment
In lead:  Beamer (age 5) and Bella (12 mos)
In Swing:  Wookie (approx 18 mo),  Kita (age 4)
In Wheel:  Emma (age 5), Boogie ( age 2)
3 households of malamutes, all intact but 2
Training the babies:  Ike runs double lead with little sister Amy,
Beamer runs wheel with little Buster.  Buster and Amy are 4 mos,
this was their first time in a team and boy did they catch on!  8/07

A couple months later, he trained Buster and Amy's littermate,