about gp

AMCW 2020-2021 Weight pull season

GP placed 2nd in the competitive 81-100# class. His half brother Tuuli won and his other half-brother Chrome was 4th.

AMCW 2019-2020

GP and half-brother Tuuli tied for 2nd in the ultra competitive 81-100# class

AMCW 2017-2018 weight pull season

GP was 2nd in the ultra competitive 81-100# class

AMCA 2016 National week in Colorado Springs

GP earned his first two WWPDX legs in the Regional and National weight pulls and narrowly beat out his mother LUCY in the Regional pull for 3rd place in the 61-80# class. He pulled 25.95 times his body weight and set a new personal best.

GP is clear of Polyneuropathy by pedigree, OFA cardiac certified, OFA eyes certified. OFA hip prelim Good, elbow normal. He is available at stud to approved bitches.